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Bosch 12v POWER FOR ALL Tools Bosch 12v Power For All cordless tools are designed for the home and garden market, enabling DIYers, gardeners and homeowners to undertake jobs around the home with the cordless convenience of a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack which is compatible with all tools in the range. The 12v Power For All batteries and tools are also fully compatible with the older Bosch Green 10.8v li-ion home and garden range.

Compared to the larger 18v Power For All batteries and tools, the 12v range offers a compact and lightweight alternative which is better suited to lighter duty jobs and is especially easy to handle, for instance when working at height, in tight spaces or for extended periods of time. Please note that although the batteries look similar, the Bosch Professional (Blue) 12v range is a separate platform and unless specified otherwise the batteries and chargers are not interchangeable between the two ranges.

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