Don't waste your rewards

Welcome back!

We hope you have enjoyed the shopping experience so far at My Tool Shed. But the BIG question is, when you shopped online, did you register your details with us?

If so, then (and you may not have even noticed) - you will have earned TradePoints for all your recent transactions. Like many popular supermarkers and retailers, we too like to reward our loyal customers and give you something back. You don't need to carry a loyalty card, or key-fob around, we will do it all for you.

So how does it work?

For every £1 you spend, we will reward you with 10 points. Once you have a balance of 1000 points (sounds a lot - but this is only when you have spent £100!) - you will be able to redeem the points as £'s off future orders.

Some people choose to spend their points every time and save a little, others save them up and put them towards something they have been waiting to purchase. Whatever way you fancy spending is completely your decision - and you have 1 year to use them, so make sure you don't waste your rewards!

If you have always shopped with a "Guest account", now is the time to consider registering with us. Saving your information will also give you a quick and easy check-out each time, so when you're in a hurry and need to catch the Next Day Delivery - we can be of service!

You can check the balance of your TradePoints anytime by simply logging-in to your account and viewing the account dashboard.

Not only will you find competitively low prices across our power tools and hand tools, what also sets us apart from other tool shops, is this brilliant Trade Points system.

Another reason why My Tool Shed are #Best4tools.