4 Tops Tips for Perfect Planing on Difficult Wood

How to Plane Wood

Planing wood doesn’t have to be difficult. But when you’re working with tricky materials or unusual conditions, it can certainly become that way. You can soon find yourself putting in far too much time and effort. Don’t worry – our guide can help. Read on for 4 quick and easy tips to achieve perfect planing without the extra effort.

Prepare the wood

When you’re working with thicker wood, it’s common for it to come rough-sawn. You can’t make this perfectly smooth with just one tool. A jack plane helps prepare the wood’s surface for finer planing, by removing coarse, thick shavings to eliminate the obvious irregularities like saw marks and bowing. A trying or jointer plane can get you further towards a refined surface, before you move onto the smoothing plane.

Choose the right tool

Now, onto the smoothing plane. It’s important to choose the right smoothing plane for your job, or jobs. A good quality smoothing plane will have a completely flat surface first and foremost. It’s also important that its parts, such as the blade, chip breaker and frog, run true and tight – so you get less or no backlash as you work.

You should also check that your smoothing plane has a good grip, allowing for hassle free operation. Non-rusting metal and added weight are additional benefits of top quality smoothing planes. With a more substantial smoothing plane, you won’t need to put in as much force when you use it.

Invest in a power planer

If your woodwork becomes larger in scale, you may find yourself in need of a power planer. While hand planers are best for fine wood work, it’s best to invest in a power planer if you find yourself working on larger carpentry projects – such as doors and floors. Why? Quite simply, it does the work of a hand planer with much more speed and less effort.

Keep tools in good condition

You get out what you put in. So, if you want a high-quality finish, it’s important to use high-quality tools – whether it’s a hand tool or a power tool. You should also keep these tools in tip top condition to ensure easier work and better results. As well as keeping things clean, the blades should be kept sharp.

For hand planers, you should sharpen the blades when you find it sticking or pulling on any wood. Some power planers, on the other hand, come with disposable blades – so it’s best to check your model before sharpening. If they’re not suitable for sharpening, then be sure to replace them when you have any problems.

Top quality tools

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