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Cyber Monday

What is Black Friday?

Over the last decade, Black Friday has grown in popularity in the UK as a well-recognised term that we associate with a big one-day sale. Like many annual events, they start in the USA and gradually get introduced into the UK market.


Whilst in this country we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, the date is dictated by the US calendar. In 1941, a law was passed that Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday in November. In the 1950s, it became apparent that many workers were not keen going to work for the one day between the weekend. This day also felt like an ideal opportunity to get some early holiday shopping done.


Notably shops became crowded and traffic jams appeared on this day and in 1966, when an editor of a US magazine put this observation to print, the name ‘Black Friday’ was born. And so it falls on the day after Thanksgiving, which is approximately 4 weeks away from Xmas Day. This year it will take place on November 29th 2019

These days our UK consumers have finally accepted this as a date in the calendar, recognised as an opportunity to get as many presents as possible, a month before the big day. In an attempt to take off some of the pressure that we endure over the­­ festive period.


The US suffered negative press when a few incidents took place in their Wal-Mart store and when it emerged in the UK it saw a similar reaction. In 2014, there were televised scenes of shoppers fighting over large TV’s in a big chain supermarket. This ‘dog-eat-dog’ attitude from the UK consumers turned off a few retailers to participate in this sale event. And who can blame them? Endorsing this level of behaviour isn’t good for anyone’s reputation and in a short swoop it started to lose its appeal. Some shoppers choosing to stay indoors rather than fight the crowds or the car parks.


However, for smaller companies, it can be a make or break in their annual profits and they can’t afford not to partake. A few years have passed since the supermarket tussle and now people are learning to master their shopping in a more civilised manner. During this one-day event prices tend to hit rock-bottom as businesses shift their stock in bulk. For some savvy shoppers, this is also a day to get that longed-for gadget when it’s finally reduced down to a more affordable price-tag. If you’re quick enough!


Whilst the day shines for its first-come-first-served offers, it’s not the only date in the calendar when new deals are being presented. Lots of retailers start advertising cheaper prices over the course of the week, to capitalise on the eagerness of readily awaiting shoppers.


It’s very much a marmite day, some love it, some hate it. Even with the very best intentions, there’s no guarantee on this day you will find everything you need or that you’ll get your hands-on the deal you’ve been anticipating. Year on year, it becomes a highly competitive game of luck. Generating more and more interest, particularly from the younger generations as the marketing and concept grows bigger.


Undeniably, it has helped boost sales in the UK, pulling us out of a recession and for retailers it’s a chance to move stock that otherwise hasn’t been selling - as purse strings get tighter towards the holiday season.


My Tool Shed are very different to lots of other retailers, in that our products are often a necessity for the tradesman rather than a luxury. Whilst we do offer a range of different specifications in our power tools, we do this to ensure we can meet everyone’s budget and requirements. We will be participating in this marketing event, maybe with a softer approach to some, as we too would like to give something back to our loyal customers. But all year round we always try to ensure our prices are as competitive as we can possibly make them.


Since we are online, you won’t have to fight the queues to shop with us and if you’re signed up to our newsletter then we will gladly give you a heads-up to all our best deals over this period and the links to where you can find them.


If Dad has already got socks, aftershave and slippers, then maybe something from our vast collection of tools could be the answer for his Christmas present. The great thing about tools is they keep giving back and can be used all year round, not just until the novelty wears off!


We will let our quality brands and prices speak for themselves and we are more than happy to offer advice if you’re unsure of what you’re looking for.


Shop early or shop on Black Friday, we will always aim to give you our best first-class service.