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With over 50 years of product innovation providing car owners and car enthusiasts with performance vehicle cleaning, protection and restoration products, ARMORALL are still at the forefront of innovation.

Back in the 1960s, Joe Palcher invented a solution that protected rubber, plastic and vinyl from the effects of UV. After he teamed up with a local retailer, the Tri-don product was launched, eventually becoming known as Armorall Protectant in the 1970s.

From these early beginnings, the Armorall brand developed a number of ground breaking car wash, car protection and car shine products which brings us to the large range of ArmorallL products that are available today. These include car protectants, trim and plastic restoration products, cleaners and protectors for leather and vinyl upholstery interiors, products to clean tyres and wheel, glass cleaners and high-quality car wax products, to ensure the perfect shine for any car or vehicle.

Armorall products can be applied in a number of very easy to use ways with the applications available as Armorall's aerosol and pump action sprays, tins and also in the form of wipes. This means that car enthusiasts are able to share Armorall's company ethos that every car should look its best and Armorall provide the perfect way of achieving this.

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